Other Works by Nancy Baldock

It’s Murder, Honey

While touring an estate sale, McKenzie and Delaney find a diary tucked inside a beautifully-carved box.  The ever-curious McKenzie buys it and within its pages she and Delaney discover not just the story of a touching romance, but a powerful reason for murder.  Go with them as they follow the clues that lead them to discover that It’s Murder, Honey.

You may need a tissue at the end, so be prepared.



They’re back!

When international jewel thieves converge on Cielo Mar, McKenzie and Delaney are drawn into a mystery that involves stolen diamonds and shocking murders. Loosely based on a true story right out of the headlines from newspapers worldwide, the trail leads them into the woods in Scotts Valley and culminates on the roof at McKenzie’s house.

It begins innocently enough with Jack. Yes, Jack is back. He is attracted to a gorgeous woman, Sherry, whose twin brother, Jerry, is one of the gang of thieves. Jack has an encounter with Dirk, Sherry’s husband, who threatens him. Jack doesn’t let that stop him. Has it ever?

The mystifying manner in which bodies are being found prompts titillating headlines in the Cielo Mar newspaper. It seems McKenzie and Delaney are always around and will find themselves in the headlines.


At the Stroke of Murder

As stated by Alan Cummings when speaking of Agatha Christie’s character, Hercule Poirot, “He never changes his mind. He always sleeps well because he never is uncertain about his conclusions. He has an unyielding sense of justice and truth. For him, right and wrong are like the rails of a train, parallel lines that never meet.” 

The same can be said of McKenzie Sparks.  In this tale of murder, McKenzie Sparks and Delaney Davenport realize that someone is trying to frame Jack Davenport for murder and is doing such a good job that they are not convinced of his innocence. That’s when they start investigating and all the evidence they find points to Jack.

The disappearance of a woman he recently dated is the first of many things that will come back to haunt him.  McKenzie and Delaney start with a clue from their teenage friend, Luke. A body is then discovered the day before Thanksgiving, and once the killer is found, they find that his circumstances end at a stroke of murder.


Appetite for Murder

For the third time in his life, Greg Lawson is considering murder. He is not a stranger to murder and he is willing to do anything to get his hands on $2 million dollars in gold. But fate can be cruel.

McKenzie and Delaney are drawn into the drama that unfolds in Lake Tahoe when they meet with their friend Jovanna Madrianni in her gift shop. She tells them of a visit by an attractive detective, Danny Delvecchio, who informs her that someone is going to try to kill her.

The action starts in Cielo Mar and heats up in Lake Tahoe. As she lies injured in the basement of an empty house, an unspeakable secret dooms McKenzie unless she can finally put an end to an obsessed killer’s twisted quest.



Murder Can Be Shocking

When McKenzie and Delaney find a lost dog and take him home, a mystery reaches from a well-known Manhattan jewelry store to McKenzie’s doorstep.  Old friends that grew up together on the streets of Brooklyn reunite in a deadly way in Cielo Mar, a quaint town on California’s central coast. 

You will fall in love with Roxie, the pug, and Panzer, the giant schnauzer.  The action doesn’t stop and along the way you will meet some interesting characters.    I’m sorry, but two of them end up dead in Murder Can Be Shocking.  Don’t get too attached.


Murder? It’s Just a Game

McKenzie, Delaney, Roxie and Mugsy are at it again.

The joy of Christmas is marred by what seems to be a serial killer loose in Cielo Mar; specifically, Sunset Gardens, an upscale senior community. With very few clues and no evidence, McKenzie and Delaney are at their wits’ end.

They are stumped when there is no apparent cause for the deaths in this seemingly tranquil environment. But they know better, so they set up a sting using McKenzie’s dad. As they go about looking for evidence, they discover a most unusual suspect who denies involvement, and the only witness at every murder scene is a Teddy bear named Boo. If only he could talk, he might tell them that it’s not murder, it’s just a game.


Murder, the Perfect Gift

McKenzie Sparks and Delaney Davenport live in the little town of Cielo Mar on California’s central coast.  When two beautiful and cunning women come into town bent on murder, McKenzie and Delaney find themselves in the middle of a mystery, with Jack Davenport, Delaney’s ex-husband, as the intended victim.  With the beautiful surroundings of Cielo Mar as a backdrop, the heroines stumble onto clues and the action builds to a stunning twist at the end.

There is humor, suspense, and action sprinkled with the charm of Roxie, McKenzie’s pug, and the warm friendship between Delaney and McKenzie. It should be written on the restroom wall:  For a good time, read Murder, The Perfect Gift!


The Mannequin Murders

McKenzie and Delaney are swept into a mystery when McKenzie receives a request from a dead woman in the form of a letter, a map, and a key. Her world tumbles into oblivion when her beloved Roxie disappears and someone breaks into her house. She takes the situation in hand by getting a gun and learning to shoot. If you know McKenzie and what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of her way!

With the help of a detective from Atlanta and a local attorney, McKenzie and Delaney end up in a cabin in the woods where they find the answers to all the questions the mystery posed, and a few it didn’t. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it will become part of you.

Be prepared to change the way you window shop: mannequins aren’t just for clothes anymore!


There’s Murder Afoot

McKenzie Sparks and Delaney Davenport live in the little town of Cielo Mar on California’s central coast.  When McKenzie is warned of a murderous animal in the woods, she and Delaney are led to a local tourist attraction and some wicked surprises.

With the beautiful surroundings of Cielo Mar as a backdrop, the heroines are propelled into a mystery that involves the Russian Mafia and the real probability of bigfoot. Join them as they find clues that piece together the puzzle of a girl with a missing foot, the henchman of a Russian Mafia boss, two strange men that are seen wherever McKenzie goes, and a ballerina that loses her fiancé under bizarre circumstances. Of course, there are a couple of bodies found along the way.

There is humor, suspense, and action sprinkled with the charm of Roxie, McKenzie’s pug, and the warm friendship between Delaney and McKenzie. Cielo Mar will never be the same. How could it be when There’s Murder Afoot?


The Verdict

Cielo Mar is a quaint little town tucked into the coastline of Central California. It is known for its moderate climate, its majestic beauty, and its friendly people. But recently, Cielo Mar has been sullied by the appearance of some very unsavory characters.

Detective Luke Gehrig gets suspicious when he meets a lovely lady at the flea market on the bluff. She requests his assistance in unraveling a mystery that was mentioned in her recently-deceased grandfather’s journal. Her grandfather happens to be a well know judge in the area; Judge Mooney.

Luke enlists the help of his friend McG and together they follow leads that take them into the dark world of crime. Bodies begin floating into the Cielo Mar harbor with similar injuries and the M. E. is having difficulty determining the cause of death.

In the end, Luke finds a connection between a photograph, a yacht moored in the harbor, and the involvement of four other judges who disagree with the outcome of some very specific, very sordid trials, and vow to take matters into their own hands. It seems that they found a way to change the verdict.